Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does Sniper work? You fill out the form on the homepage. Sniper checks the Rutgers Schedule of Classes to see if your class is open every 15 minutes and emails you if it is open.

  2. Can Sniper automatically register me for my class if it opens up. Nope it cannot do this for you. It will, however, send you a Webreg link that makes it very easy to register for it, once you're notified.

  3. Sniper did not email me when my class opened up Sniper checks for classes to be open every 15 minutes. If a class opens up for shorter than 15 minutes, there's a chance that Sniper will never know that it's open.

  4. Why check every 15 minutes and not more frequently? All my lizard classmates are glued to their computers and are checking to see if Orgo Lab is open 15 times a second. If you're checking webreg more frequently than 15 minutes, Sniper is not for you. Running sniper uses up resources on my server, and I think 15 minutes of a time interval is reasonable enough to check for class openings. If you strongly believe that checking more frequently is necessary, let me remind you that Sniper is open source .

  5. Why does Sniper not watch classes on the Newark/Camden campus or for Winter/Summer semesters? I do not have a great deal of time to spend on developing Sniper. Sniper is Open Source . If you feel strongly about adding support for Newark/Camden or for other terms, feel free to make these changes yourself and submit a pull request.

  6. Why does Sniper no longer send text messages? Sniper is funded by my own wallet. It doesn't cost much to run except for the cost of sending SMS. It costs $0.0075 to send an SMS. If I'm sending out 10,000 messages a week, that's $75 out of a college kid's wallet. Emails are far cheaper to send ($1 / 10,0000 emails). If you think Sniper is good piece of software, you should ask the administration/registrat to support it. If you *really* want text message alerts, you can always enter your carrier email address into Sniper.

  7. How do I know Sniper is working? Sniper is meant to be a fire-and-forget application, where you don't need to worry about checking Webreg over and over. If you want to confirm that it's working, you can input a section of a class that's already open (640:024:01 is pretty much always open). You should receive an email from sniper in 15 minutes.

  8. I didn't get into my class after Sniper notified me. Please keep looking for it. Whenever Sniper notifies you, it will also email you a link that you can click to keep sniping the class.

  9. I already got into my class. Stop the notifications please! Sniper is written in such a way that once it notifies you about a section of a class, it forgets that you were ever watching that section. It will only ever notify you about a section of a class once, unless you decide to snipe the class again. If you are receiving notifications for one class multiple times, please send me email (address in the footer).

  10. I think there's a bug with sniper. Please send me an email (my email address is in the footer). If you are a developer, you can check out the source code of Sniper and also send me a pull request.

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